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2:01pm 06-05-2014
Pamela Thibodeaux
Hi, I was searching my name on Google and found your website. My name is Pamela Suzette Thibodeaux. I was shocked because the shared name and I enjoy writing. I do not have anything published. However, I have poems saved through the years.
Replied on: 4:05pm 06-05-2014

Wow that's interesting. Thanks for leaving a message! Good luck & God's blessings!

9:13pm 07-07-2013
Joanne Lowe
Pam, Thank you for being my faithful friend through the years. You are not only my best friend, a friend I can trust, you are also my sister in Christ. There is no greater relationship than to be related to each other by being a member of the family of God. Never forget that Jesus loves you so much He died for you. You are very special to Him and He appreciates your service to Him.

Joyfully Serving Jesus,
Joanne Lowe
3:08pm 05-24-2013
Nancy Kimball
Was researching something for my blog and happened by. Always glad to a see a fellow Texan author. =)
7:28am 05-16-2013
Howard Pastorella
Is there a LA Writer's Guild in SE Louisiana? And who would be the contact person, if you know?
What is your opinion of seeking a writing agent to help promote books and publications?
8:06am 04-19-2013
Deborah Heal
I just read your review of The Covering by Dana Pratola. Sounds like you loved it as much as I did for some of the same reasons. Therefore, I hope you'll agree to review my latest novel, Every Hill and Mountain. It's "edgy" too (although not a romance) and I think it is realistic while still presenting a clear biblical message of God's grace and healing. I'd be happy to send you a copy-- paper, PDF, or digital-- if you're interested.

Here's the blurb:

Every Hill and Mountain

Visiting another century…not the summer vacation she had planned.

Those who have read Time and Again and Unclaimed Legacy know that Abby Thomas is a college student on a summer service project with 11-year-old Merri. And they know that the summer is not going the way Abby had expected—but in a good way. For one thing, she meets a very nice guy named John Roberts. And for another, she discovers a strange computer program called Beautiful House that lets her fast-forward and rewind life. Not her own, of course, but those of the people who lived in Merri’s old house. And the Old Dears’ old house, and…well, any old house.

And since the program worked so well for the Old Dears’ family tree project, Abby’s college roommate Kate hopes it will help her find out more about her ancestor Ned Greenfield. And Kate’s fiancé Ryan thinks the program has lucrative commercial potential.

Abby and John reluctantly agree to help Kate, but only on the condition that she and Ryan promise to keep the program a secret, because if it fell into the wrong hands…well, no one wants Big Brother invading their privacy.

The two couples take a trip to the tiny town of Equality, set in the hills of southern Illinois and the breath-taking Shawnee National Forest. According to Kate’s research, Ned Greenfield was born there at a place called Hickory Hill.

The mayor, police chief, and townspeople are hospitable and helpful—until the topic of Hickory Hill comes up. They seem determined to keep them away, telling them, “There’s nothing there for you to see.”

Eventually they find Hickory Hill on their own—both the mansion and the lonely hill it sits upon. Built in 1834, Hickory Hill stands sentinel over Half Moon Salt Mine where the original owner John Granger accumulated his blood-tainted fortune.

Abby and her friends meet Miss Granger, Hickory Hill’s current eccentric owner, and they eventually get the chance to time-surf there. Their shocking discovery on the third floor concerning Kate’s ancestor Ned Greenfield is almost too much to bear. What they learn sends them racing to the opposite end of the state to find the missing link in Kate’s family tree. And there they are reminded that God is in the business of redemption—that one day he’ll make all things new.
9:10am 03-03-2013
Jackie Mae
I was looking for helpful tax information and stumbled across your site. It had insightful info and was greatly appreciated. I am now enjoying looking over your wonderfully organized website. I look forward to purchase and read some of your work. As a new indie writer, I enjoy seeing what fellow writers contribute to the community at large. Most inspirational. Thanks again.
Replied on: 9:24am 03-04-2013

Thank you so much Jackie!

Good luck and God's blessings with your writing.

1:56pm 12-07-2012
Henry A Hunt IV
Called ,but were at doctor"s,I"ll call again about what i can into as far as making money online or if you know of any bus. you can do online,I'll be in touch. Henry
7:48pm 12-05-2012
Kevin Zimmerman
Pamela, this is a very good site. I am not surprised as I have discovered the divine favor.that God has placed on your life. Each thing that I have witnessed you putting your hand to is of excellent quality and beyond reproach. Great job on the site. Keep up the good work in all of your endeavors.
Replied on: 8:19pm 12-05-2012

Thanks Kevin! I needed that encouragement tonight. May God bless you abundantly!

8:40pm 09-05-2012
Barb Shelton
Great and lovely website. You have so much to offer and I'd love to grab a handful or so! Just had to visit you and thank you for allowing me to review your latest success - The Visionary. Being friends for such a short length of time, although I feel we've been friends forever. I'm grateful and happy.
6:45am 03-15-2012
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11:17am 03-07-2012
Bill and June Sharon
Pamela, it has been a delight to have met you. Our prayer is that you will study this website concerning the end of time as the Scriptures present it. God bless, and carry you through to the end. bill
1:16am 02-25-2012
Ann Atkinson
Don't know if you will remember me but we met in Murfreesboro, TN where my daughter, Sherry, lives.I drove you, Sherry and a friend to Nashville. It was good to meet you.
12:51pm 01-25-2012
Jayne E Self
Hi Pamela, Just read your interview at the Piedmont Island Trilogy. Its wonderful to learn more about a fellow writer. Your excerpt from The Visionary has me entranced. Can't wait to read more!
6:46pm 01-23-2012
Winona Cross
Great website! I'm so proud of you.
9:15pm 01-19-2012
Jillian Bandera Lamb
Just saying hi! Cool website!
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